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Officer Position Now OPEN!

Lywyn, Dec 21, 11 6:16 PM.
We are looking to add to the ranks of the officer core! 

We are looking for ACTIVE players with good attitudes and a good solid working knowledge of the game! Think you have what it takes to put guild success and its members as priority number one? Only the dedicated survive! See Orc for details!!!! (Btw I heard rumors that there MAY be pie involved... mmm pie)



Orcbeater, Apr 6, 11 11:35 PM.
We are looking to add to the ranks of the officer core, see Orc for details. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Lywyn, Dec 26, 10 8:13 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
A Cata tonic Greeting
Hail and welcome to Cata tonic's home on the web!

Azeroth has been plunged into a state of chaos (...well kind of)! Even the great shining city of Stormwind has not escaped the great and terrible Deathwing's reign of terror and destruction (...though it did get quite a nice face lift... "Hey our city was destroyed! *shrug* ...meh, it was time to redecorate anyway.)! The world is in desperate need of some brave heroes to stand and fight and save it from it's impending demise (like every other far)!!! Will YOU aid that heroes call?! Will you? ...please? ...anybody?

We here at Cata tonic welcome you to the new expansion and with that a new and shiny raiding guild!!! We enjoy having a social aspect to our guild but our primary focus is 10man raiding. We enjoy raiding while also (*gasp* dare I say it?) having FUN while doing it! That being said, we like to joke around BUT we also know how and expect our raiders to know when to shut up and put up in order to get the job done. We expect our raiders to know their class (and their raiding spec) and come in with a good knowledge of how to raid. If this sounds like a place for you check out our recruitment widget to see if we have an open spot for your class! If so... apply!


Like us? ...or not
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We are Recruiting!
Raiderslvl 85 --min ilvl 372
HealersPriest or Paladin
Melee DPSRogue, Warrior, or DK Apply
Social MembersAny Class Any Level! Apply
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